An Olfactory Archive: 1738-1969

    In conjunction with the symposium Test Sites: Experiments in the history of space, the Architecture Division at California College of the Arts is presenting the exhibition An Olfactory Archive: 1738-1969, the first exhibition devoted exclusively to the recent works of artisans and historians who harness scents, essences, and fragrances in the reconstruction and preservation of historical spaces.
    This exhibition displays several examples of this recent work, creating a brief image of some possible and future archive of an olfactory past.



    In the past 10 years, a surprising number of historians, preservationists, architects, and artists experimented with scents to record, represent, and reconstruct historical buildings, interiors, and agrarian and urban landscapes. Such work spans from Aaron Betsky and Herzog and DeMeuron’s fragrance Rotterdam – Olfactory Object (2004) to Christophe Laudemiel’s recent efforts
    to reconstruct the scents of the Straight of Bosphorus in the Middle Ages (2013).

    Ultimately, this exhibition presents recent and alternative ways to interpret the history of space and to potentially make architecture, interior and landscape history a simultaneously more vanguard and public enterprise. It integrates CCA’s traditions of craft, maker-culture and progressive historical education into a cohesive and contemporary project.

    Featuring the work of

    Christopher Brosius
    Dreamair (Christophe Laudamiel and Christoph Hornetz)
    Rodrigo Flores-Roux
    Alessandro Gualtieri
    Herzog & DeMeuron Architects
    Carlos Huber, Arquiste
    Christophe Laudamiel
    Birthe Leemeijer
    Serge Lutens
    Rosendo Mateu
    Jorge Otero-Pailos, Architect
    RAD Architects (Rodolphe el-Khoury, Carol Moukheiber, Christos Markopoulos)
    Philippe Rahm Architects
    Bonner/Stayner Architects (Jennifer Bonner and Christian Stayner)
    Yann Vasnier

    Curated by David Gissen and Irene Cheng 
    Exhibition design by Brian Price and Matt Hutchinson
    Workshop conducted by Bruno Fazzolari, David Gissen, and William Littmann

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