de aanleg van een holle weg 

Hol weg
Holloway, a book by Robert Macfarlane, Stanley Donwood and Richard Deacan

Commissioned by: Stichting Keizersrande Deventer

The forming of a holloway


Januari 2016, niet uitgevoerd.

Een verzonken pad, een verdiepte landweg in afwisselend schaduw en licht










Een route door het landschap krijgt vorm door de voetstappen van mensen, de stroom van de regen & de gang van het water.












The holloway meanders like the lines in a hand, the worn-down steps of a stairwell, the whimsical branches of a tree, the course of a river.

A dyke reversed.

A depression in response to an elevation.


The holloway understands its own depth, the terrain undulating in waves around it.












The meadows, the cows and the forest casually stroll by at the height of your senses.

For some it is as if you have vanished, escaped, washed away like water in the river.





Others believe the wealth of plants will expand. The difference in light, the falling of organic material and soil, the lateral trickle of ground water and splitting of bedrock layers.


And swept down the river are the seeds that, through all these changes, mature in the hollow of the way.


Karthuizer anjer/Viola reichenbachiana (Viola sylvestris)/ Melampyrum avense /Veronica praecoxCrassula tillaea/